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PhilJets Aero Charter corp. a subsidiary of PhilJets Group, provides the most complete helicopter charter flights and private jet air services in the Philippines’, along with tour packages that help you discover the Philippines from the sky. With more than 15 years of experience and its exclusive ownership of the Philippines’ based aviation company PhilJets Aero Charter Corp. (AOC Licence #2014059), PhilJets remains the most serious and safest actor in the aircraft charter business.

As a businessman, searching for last minute flights or flexible airline tickets, can be very time-consuming. Always in need of compliant means of transport, you deserve a safe and reliable corporate aircraft charter service tailored to your high standards, specific requirements and most of all promptly responsive.

As a tourist, you are looking for the best local helicopter flight in the Philippines that is not only a simple sightseeing tour, but above all a once-in-a-lifetime genuine experience. Take a look at our exclusive travel packages and On-The-Go special offers, or just request the custom trip that suits your dreams!

As a company with activities requiring Aerial Work, highly specialized equipment is your target. Our professional helicopter fleet and extensive expertise in mining, surveying and construction-related operations will provide you with the most cost-effective solutions for any challenging situation and location you would encounter.

For all those reasons, PhilJets Aero Charter Corp. is dedicated to offer you the Philippines’ most comfortable and trustworthy Helicopters and Private Jet VIP/Corporate Services. Our network of helipads enables us to transport you wherever you need to go. Our clients can expect courteous professionalism, efficiency and dedication from our team so they can focus on their business or vacation.

PhilJets Aero Charter Corp. operates in Manila, Cebu, Davao, General Santos, and anywhere else in the Philippines, on demand. Contact us via or request an instant quote here.



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Focus: Aircraft Operator Versus Broker

PhilJets Charter flight services are operated through our own airline, PhilJets Aero Charter Corp, a CAAP*-certified charter operator and holder of the official A.O.C. licence (Air Operator Certificate #2014059), delivered only to the best aircraft companies and the only document that allows you to fly freely in the Philippines’ air.

In essence, the AOC is the same legal document any airline in the country like Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific is requested to have, in order to fly in Asia. We are thus the company ultimately accountable for operating the aircrafts, together with any other activities mandatory for properly carrying out any flight. Hence, you are able to inquire at any time about our safety standards, and accurately assess our service practices and code of conduct.

Most of the suppliers offering charter services in the Philippines and abroad are flight brokers and intermediaries or middlemen standing between you, our customer, and the operator, who flies and employs the pilot. What are the risks? Eventually, using a broker or a company not directly associated with a CAAP-certified operator holding an AOC license makes it virtually impossible to truthfully determine what you will be presented with in terms of security, safety and service. The only service a broker is entitled to provide is booking the flight, and they do not have any control or command over operations of the authentic charter provider you will be flying with. As a seasoned operator, PhilJets has true, direct experience managing aircrafts and is indeed conscious of what has to be done to ensure the utmost safety**.

Last but not least, should anything happen, your insurance will certainly not cover or reimburse any damage if you fly with an aircraft not operated by an AOC holder.

*CAAP: Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines


**To find out more about our safety guaranteesplease see our SMS program.