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PhilJets Aero Charter Corp. is the leader in Executive Jet travel, Business Travel & VIP / Corporate Charter flights in the Philippines.

With its extensive network of high-profile professionals in the country, choosing PhilJets as your exclusive helicopter charter or private jet flight operator grants you access to a network of exclusive, safe and reliable charter flights services, featured with luxury and dedicated to bring you just about everywhere on the shortest notice achievable.

What is Business jet Travel, and why should I prefer chartered flights in the Philippines?

Have you ever wondered how long you exactly wait for your airport transfers and business trips abroad? How many expensive minutes are lost in a traffic jam?

Because in PhilJets we know time is money and thus a particularly valuable factor, we understand that every second spent away from your office is a huge price charge to your company. That is exactly why we want to demonstrate you the cost-effective nature of our air charter services.

Flexible Schedule

Unlike scheduled commercial flights, charter flights are not compelled to a rigid agenda.

Our VIP service implies that departures and arrivals follow your timetable to the very last point: forget about delayed flights, canceled tickets and long-lasting waiting time before boarding the aircraft… Thus, making private and business aircraft charter a convenient and affordable means of transport is our passion. We comply with your schedule and eliminate wasted time.

Limited Check-in Procedures

Onboard in 10 minutes…

That’s about all it takes to get to your seat. In addition to suppressing frustration and last-minute cancellation, we shorten check-in procedures by requesting the very least: baggage loading, and assuring your utmost comfort in our aircraft! Farewell baggage claim, security check, long lines at check-in counters and so on…

You can now focus on quietly preparing your next conference or business meeting you are going to have.

Limitless Landing Possibilities

Think about it…

When most scheduled and commercial airlines can access not more than 200 to 230 airports around the globe, an Air Charter company is only limited by the size of the runway and landing strip. This implies our corporate travel services can transport you to over 7000 airports all over the world! And of course, our trailblazing helicopter charter solutions will convey you virtually anywhere there is enough space or the adequate facilities for us to land in the Philippines and abroad…

“Corporate Travel is not only a luxury but a necessity.”

Our guarantees:

  • Comfortable private jets and helicopters
  • Flexible and personalized flight schedules to minimize waiting times and optimize meeting planning
  • Helicopter transfers from the closest airports throughout the Philippines
  • Private helipads and executive lounges in Manila, Cebu, Davao…
  • Absolute privacy, discretion and intimacy for our clients
Why Choose Us?
Our VIP account managers, every one of them dedicated to present you with business travel solutions tailored to your every needs, will always put maximum attention to details in order to provide you a safe, luxury and discreet charter experience. As we know the importance of intimacy and serenity for our clients, we ensure to put forward our logistics leadership for aerial activities toward absolute privacy, and our extreme precaution concerning any disclosure regarding the personal information of our clients. PhilJets Aero Charter guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity is an uncompromising benefit many of our previous partners still advocate. We are renowned in the Helicopter and Private Jet Charter industry in the Philippines and abroad not only for our trustworthiness, but especially for our discretion and understanding of the very specific and serious environment in which our clients are evolving. This is why we highlight the seriousness of our executive jet services. As an experienced, steady and long-established Aircraft Charter Company, PhilJets Aero Charter ability to rapidly offer a result to every inquiry, booking or quotation is a distinctive advantage in comparison with any air charter broker, private aircraft coordinator or other fly-by-night operators in the Philippines. As Corporate Travel is not only a luxury, but mostly a necessity, we at PhilJets Group commit ourselves to bring you the less stressful and the most effective VIP aircraft charter solutions in the Philippines. We aspire to deliver timely and cost cutting business flights, increasing your company’s performance, the work satisfaction of your business executives, or just simplify and enhance your everyday life as an elite.



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