PhilJets has a wide range of helicopters for sale in the Philippines, and Private Jets to purchase in Asia and the Philippines as well.

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Our team, dedicated to Helicopter listing and inventory of Private Jets available in Asia, will help you identify the aircraft that suits your needs before we advise you on possibilities and options.

You can also contact directly our Customer Service Desk through +63 998 967 8827 or for any complementary information about our services.

PhilJets has the widest range of airplanes and helicopters that are frequently purchased by online casino players. With so many options available, PhilJets ensures that every blackjack player can find what they need. Savvy blackjack casinos online players can find everything from small jets to state-of-the-art helicopters, making it easy to get the perfect aircraft for your needs. PhilJets makes it easy for gamblers to find what they are looking for, regardless of their budget. Plus, their customer service is always ready to help you find the perfect airplane or helicopter for your needs.

Let us help you make the right choice


There are a lot of things to consider when it comes it aircraft acquisition. And even just making a decision on which aircraft to buy will be a daunting task, especially for individuals or companies that have no prior experience in aircraft acquisition.

Fortunately, PhilJets is willing and able to help you find the aircrafts that suits your needs the most. We will guide you every step of the way, from initial research, technical advising, and crew search and management.

Affordable and Hassle-free


That’s not something you would expect from an aircraft purchase. Yet, we will help you reduce your acquisition cost by guiding you through the importation process and by helping you get tax reductions. And to spare our clients from the tedious details, we will also handle the documentation, including certifications, registration, freight forwarding, importation and logistics for your acquisition.

With 15 years of experience in the industry, PhilJets has developed an expertise on aircraft sales, not just in the Philippines but also throughout Asia. The quality service of our sales team paved the way for more than 60 acquisitions of rotary and fixed wings, both brand new and pre-owned.

A decision as big as an aircraft acquisition should not be left to chance.


PhilJets, The widest range of aircraft available in the Philippines

Why purchase an aircraft ?

Buying an aircraft is a big decision with a lot of financial repercussions. While buying an aircraft has long been regarded as just a luxury, there is now actually a way to make it a profitable investment. PhilJets’ clients can enjoy the luxury and comfort of owning an aircraft while mitigating the dreaded financial costs that come with hangar rentals, maintenance costs and the hiring of qualified pilots.

In order to make an aircraft acquisition a profitable venture, the aircraft to be purchased should be tailor-fitted to the needs and demands of the person or company that will use it. It makes much more sense for a group of people or a company to purchase an aircraft instead of having a single person buy it on his/her own. If an aircraft is owned by a company, chances are, the aircraft will be used for income-generating purposes, which means the financial cost of buying an aircraft will be offset with financial gains.

Additionally, a company-owned aircraft is likely to fly more frequently than those owned by an individual. Aircrafts that are flown regularly are more likely to reach their standard “lifespan” compared to those flown infrequently. Purchasing an aircraft can also increase a company’s productivity because private air travel can save a lot of time compared to land travel, especially in a country like the Philippines, where centers of business are becoming more and more congested. The time that will be saved with private air travel can be devoted to more financially-productive activities which translate to more financial gains. Travelling via private aircraft also gives CEO’s and other company officials a safe environment for business strategizing while on the go.

How Philjets helps you become profitable ?

How can a partnership with PhilJets help make aircrafts profitable assets?

Putting an aircraft under a charter agreement is one of the best ways to make an aircraft a profitable asset. PhilJets offers a mutually-beneficial partnership agreement with owners of private aircrafts. Under the agreement, partners will register their aircrafts under the PhilJets charter, which will allow PhilJets to make these aircrafts available to third-party clients whenever the aircrafts are not being used by its owners.

The benefit that PhilJets’ clients can reap from this system is the effective mitigation of the fixed cost that comes with owning an aircraft, one of the largest contributors to expenses incurred by aircraft-owning companies or individuals.

Under the partnership, PhilJets will provide a safe and affordable hangar space for its partner’s aircrafts. Because of this, partners need not to worry anymore about where to “park” their aircrafts.

PhilJets will also take over the maintenance of its partners’ aircrafts by assigning a highly-trained mechanic for each of its partners’ aircrafts. Of course, even while under the partnership, partners can always use their aircrafts even in short notice.

About PhilJets Sales Team

PhilJets has developed a strong expertise in aircraft sales throughout Asia and most especially in the Philippines. Indeed, the large experience of our Management Team has been proven for the last 15 years, advising and accompanying aircraft owners, resellers and interested parties in the acquisition process for various types of aircrafts.

More than 60 transactions have been successfully handled for acquisitions and sales of rotary and fixed wings; both Brand New and Pre-Owned. We provide our services with dedication, professionalism, and commitment. You can rely on PhilJets to ensure the discretion and the quality of our service.

We assist buyers from research, technical advising, management and crew search through our Fleet Management Solutions, and guide them through importation to reduce their costs, and obtain taxes reductions.

We have today a close relationship with manufacturers and an extensive network of worldwide brokers and partners as well.

In addition to that, we handle the documentation, including certifications, registration, freight forwarding, importation and all logistics aspects for our customer’s convenience.


Your satisfaction is our passion.