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PhilJets is proud to offer the best Fleet Management Solutions for helicopter and private jet owners in the Philippines.

Aircraft Maintenance, Operations & Flight planning, Marketing, Consulting and Spare Parts advisory, all is there for you to insure proper care of your asset.

Experience our quality aircraft management service programs and get rid of costly administrative problems, operational strains and time-consuming human resources issues.

Why taking an aircraft management program?

There is much more to owning an aircraft than just buying one and flying it whenever you need to. Aircraft owners must also consider other factors like maintaining the aircraft, hiring an aircraft crew, and finding a hangar space for the aircraft. Now, not only are these things costly, they can also be incredibly time-consuming, especially for people with no prior experience on managing an aircraft.

For a businessperson, time is money. Spending a significant amount of time on managing aircrafts could mean a significant loss of financial opportunities. Luckily for owners of private aircrafts, PhilJets has a solution that not only relieves them of the responsibility of managing their own aircrafts, but can also make their aircrafts income-generating assets.  Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

How does Philjets' Charter System work?

Aircrafts entered into a partnership with PhilJets are registered under PhilJets’ Aircraft Operator’s Certificate. This setup allows PhilJets to market these aircrafts to their network of third-party clients whenever the owners are not using them. PhilJets’ network of clients is composed of high-end customers who require various kinds of aerial work.

We value our partners’ trust and confidence so we make sure that aircrafts entered into our charter are treated with the utmost care and attention. Our partners’ aircrafts will be handled by a highly-competent team and provided only to the most serious users.

Our Management solution

In exchange for entering their aircrafts into PhilJets’ charter, partners get to enjoy several benefits. PhilJets will take over the responsibilities of managing the aircrafts and will bring down its partners’ aircraft-related spending to the minimal level attainable, regardless of usage and commitment capability

Operations & Scheduling

Our Operation Team is available any time to schedule your flight, guarantee the preparation and proper flight plan filling to according authorities.


We offer a mechanic fully dedicated to your aircraft, to ensure state-of-the-art care of your asset.

Consulting & Spare Parts Sourcing

We provide free expertise on spare parts acquisition, and avail our network and bargaining power with the largest OEMs to ensure you the best deals and prices on spares & consumables.

Marketing & Charter

We provide marketing for the aircraft under our Aircraft Operator Certificate. Having your aircraft available for charter will reduce your fixed cost & optimize your asset.


Time Sharing & Fractional Ownership

Use our efficient-proven legal setups for partial ownership and fly hassle-free as we calculate real usage of each principal, handle maintenance & overhaul planning and report each consumption.

Why go with us?

Convenience and reduced fixed costs

Fly conveniently while we manage your aircraft in the safest and most efficient way, including charter services.

Many of our clients became partners, not only because they trust us, but also for we know the meaning of a cost-effective, value-creating and high-end service. By joining PhilJets program, you gain access to an exceptional way to make profit, or reduce your fixed costs: we market your aircraft just as if it was ours, and make sure it doesn’t stay inactive and get rusty.

Since our aircraft charter services cater to the most high-end individuals and professionals in need for aerial work, you have the guarantee that your rotorcraft or fixed-wing will be treated with the utmost attention, piloted by a skillful team and provided to the most serious users.

Of course, when you need to fly, both aircraft and pilot will be available for you on the shortest notice, preventing you from the hassle of contacting aircraft operators for assistance, request a quote from another charter agent or providing for pilot & maintenance teams yourself.

Broaden your scope, build economies of scale

By all means, we provide you with all the management required, from maintenance and overhaul to appointment of the pilot, airplane cabin crew members and aircraft hangar, a shelter for your plane or helicopter… By doing so, we produce economies of scale that reduce all the fixed costs that you surely faced while managing your own rotary-wing of fixed-wing vehicle. How is that so?

Naturally, since we supervise a larger fleet than a single individual, our charges and expenses are scalable. How could a private owner invest in expensive maintenance infrastructures and top-notch manpower when his aircraft fly only once in a while?

At PhilJets, we understand your needs and can answer it with the suitable assistance, marked with results. We operate various types of airplanes and helicopters (Bell, Agusta Westland, Airbus, Cessna…) and our teams are well trained to provide a qualitative response to any Maintenance, Repairs, and Overhaul requirement on mostly any category of aircraft. Entering our Fleet Management Solutions program, it’s the promise of a substantial reduction of expenditure for private aircraft owners through the subscription to a comprehensive and sizable network of thoughtful and considerate aerospace professionals.

Our strength? Our diversification and extensive range of activities, which allow us to allocate more resources and time to detect the most talented workforce, ensure sustainability of our equipment and build long-term relationships with the most brilliant personnel in the Philippines for any position: pilot, maintenance, repairs, overhaul & refurbishment, airworthiness & safety, aviation quality assurance (QA) and all other positions related to private jet and helicopter management & control.

Years experience managing aircrafts


Savings on regular operations


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