Special Occasions

Special Occasions Helicopter Hire


Sip champagne on a luxurious helicopter flight to fully enjoy your special event in true style, making it extra special.

Set the mood with a truly bespoke flight to a venue of your choosing. Flying in the stylish, luxurious comfort of a helicopter, gives you the perfect start to any special event, whether it’s a celebration or just spending time with people whose company you enjoy.

No long traffic jams, parking issues for you to contend with. Simply fly over all the others and get to the event you had been waiting to see with no stress about your journey. You also benefit from having flexibility for your plans, backed up with the support of a dedicated flight account manager, who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



A Special Gift

Give impressive trips to special events as a gift for your loved ones, when more traditional jewelry, clothing and chocolates seem inadequate. Leave them in no doubt that you care by giving them a trip in a helicopter to special events ranging from Wedding to a golf course.

Make the day even more enjoyable sharing the helicopter flight experience with family and friends. Whether you are celebrating a wedding in the Philippines, a birthday or an anniversary or going with friends to play golf  and enjoy experiences together, there is no better time to make this unique occasion even more memorable with the helicopter flight schedule built around you.

Design your own special events. Enjoy a luxurious, lazy weekend, go sightseeing, fly over Tagaytay volcano or a tour of manila bay, enjoy the wonders of a helicopter dining experience, visit cultural places or try something more adventurous. A special event is a bespoke gift so you choose what makes a “special event” for the people you want to share the day with.

Let your imagination run wild or ask us for ideas.


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