Safety First! – PhilJets Commitment to Safety

and Caution are primary concerns of every team member at PhilJets. Hence, we ensure beyond everything that our customers travel with Safety, as every protection and precaution are taken care of. In addition, we make sure that all our services and products comply with the highest international standards in the industry, because Safety is a fundamental essence of the aviation industry and a priority consideration for each of our clients. Each mission and each service is conducted with the dedication of a team of maintenance technicians, expert pilots, support personnel and mechanics all continuously trained in their area of competence. Our goal is to tackle our customers’ apprehensiveness and satisfy their stringent prerequisites while conducting safe operations. Therefore we certify to have the best-trained crews and engineers on the market, and that our aircrafts are kept in their finest mechanical condition.

The following are the critical achievements we target:

• Eliminate downtime
• Reduce response time (esp. for MRO activities)
• Improved logistic solutions
Zero-default and Accident-free missions
• State-of-the-art safety equipment
• Safety metrics and QA assessment
• To create and maintain an accident-free workplace;
• Provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for its personnel and clients
• Continuous improvement of the AirHeed® Safety Management System through constant evaluation of safety standards and training of personnel

Our motto: Zero Damage to People, Assets and the Environment

Our 0 accident policy is part of our AirHeed ® Safety Management System (SMS) and our prior motive, in order to complete competitive yet state-of-the-art missions in each of our core businesses.

Environment and Respect for Natural Habitat should be in our opinion a primary concern for every company involved in Tourism and Transportation industries.
Since Aerospace-related industries can be very consuming in natural resources, PhilJets strives to reduce ecological impact to its minimum level for our daily operations, while working proactively on developing new systems and processes to establish the most sustainable business framework in the industry.

Moreover, we cultivate strong bounds and the strong relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), so that every time we fly, we remain as blue as the sky. As an air operator, we are resolute to appear as the safest and reliable actor in the industry. This is why we strictly and carefully adhere to the most rigorous CAAP guidelines and the firmest regulations & training procedures ongoing in the air-traffic control and airlines code of conduct.
Have a look at our AirHeed® SMS Program for more information on Safety Management Systems programs and guidelines.


Safety & Emergency Procedures on-board our Aircrafts