PhilJets moves one step closer to its one-stop-shop approach to aviation services


In early July 2015, PhilJets successfully obtained its Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) license which allows the company to service aircraft directly in-house, and provide the complete range of services an aviation firm can offer.
It’s the first year PhilJets has obtained the AMO certificate. This official license is issued and certified by the Civil Aviation Authorities of the Philippines, and it authorizes the company to engage and perform maintenance work and modification on commercially or privately operated aircrafts.

Thierry Tea, managing director of PhilJets Group explains:


“this new license represents another step forward for PhilJets in its goal to develop a nose-to-tail approach to aviation services in the Philippines and for all its customers.”


In parallel of this certification, PhilJets also renewed this year its Aircraft Material Distributor Certificate (AMDC) license. The company wants to further expand its spare parts activities around Asia and especially in the ASEAN area, by importing aircraft spare parts and consumables, and thus service the Asian market needs for replacement components, both for commercial aviation and business aviation clients.

Moreover, by strengthening aircraft management services as its core business, PhilJets Group takes part in all stages of the business aviation cycle, throughout the life of an aircraft: from consulting, sales and importation, to operations, maintenance, spare parts procurement and servicing. The company can now provide expert aircraft maintenance and repairs, efficient services, spare parts sales for aircrafts to its customers and other aviation industry actors.


It illustrates the wish for PhilJets to better understand, help and accompany its customers, both current partners and future prospects. By providing an independent yet professional range of services, the company favors long-term relationships and a commitment to both excellence and better customer service.


Thus, the acquisition of Aircraft AMO license and the AMDC renewal of PhilJets Group are a pledge to better support its customers, and a first step for the company towards building its own MRO workshop.


Concurrently to this, PhilJets Group is also welcoming a new Robinson R44 helicopter that will complement its two H130 (formerly EC130T2) and one AS350 B2 helicopters. Michiko Soriano, business development manager of PhilJets Group adds that

“This new aircraft provides an excellent reliability, responsive handling, and flexibility, making it, an ideal light helicopter for private, business, and tourism applications.”

The R44 will strengthen PhilJets’ existing fleet, and help the company to develop itself into a fully-grown charter operator.

With a fleet of four helicopters and one fixed wing jet, PhilJets signals its willingness to be a reference in terms of fleet management and charter company in the Philippines.


By:  Vertical Mag (July 27, 2015)

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