The most common notion of owning a private aircraft is that it is too expensive.

While it’s understandable for many to think as such, owning a private helicoptere or jet proves to be a good investment in the long run.

Aircraft acquisition is no longer just an asinine binge that only a handful of high rollers have access to. Today, a private aircraft is now considered as a travel necessity, as more and more people are realizing the gist of its advantages for both personal and productive use.

Here are a number of benefits of acquiring a private aircraft:


Time is Gold

Time is always of the essence for most, if not all c-suites, public officials, and VIPs. Punctuality and promptness are qualities that have contributed greatly to their success. For the movers & shakers, every second count. Going through all the hassles of dealing with long airport queues or delayed flights will be the last thing a businessperson can afford. In order to achieve more, time management is critical.

With a private helicoptere or jet, flight schedule entanglements will be one less of a travel concern.

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration when traveling is the grueling traffic situation of the metro. With a helicopter, it would only take 30 minutes for a passenger to go from say, Manila to Clark, as opposed to the usual 3-hour drive.

These conveniences provide on-the-go executives the extra time they need for family bonding, or for squeezing in another meeting and potentially close a business deal.


Comfort and Convenience

Private jet interiors can be designed according to the owner’s in-flight comfort and relaxation needs. Some are equipped with entertainment systems and recreational facilities, while others have king size beds, conference tables, even a complete bathroom. These configurations allow passengers to preoccupy themselves during the flight, or even freshen up anytime they want.

For helicopteres, state-of-the-art electronics such as headsets, sound system, phone & mobile device connectivity, and action camera integrations are the in-demand accessories added to their requisite. Seat configurations are also major consideration to instill comfort and convenience.


Fly, Land, and Park

Technically-speaking, a private jet or helicopter does not require a major airport. Depending on the aircraft, most jets and choppers need small runways/heliports located in an FBO (Fixed-Base Operator) for take-offs and landings. In the same manner, a private aircraft allows direct access to remote airfields, private helipads, and hangars with close proximity to the desired destination. Passengers can now bypass those time-consuming layovers, connecting flights, and additional land travel when accessing cities and countries that are not currently served by commercial airlines.


Flexible Control

From a corporate jet-setter to an adventurous vagabond, a private aircraft gives travelers the freedom to plan their trip without causing too much trouble in terms of booking, last-minute changes, and even expenses for lodging. This way, it’s easier to go on a scheduled flight in the morning for a lunch meeting and still be able to fly home in the evening.

Capacity-wise, there are jets that can seat as little as 4 people and jets that can accommodate up to 20 headcount. Similarly, there are helicopters that can serve 3 people, while some can handle up to 10 passengers. Depending on the aircraft and interior configuration, a private jet or helicopter will be at anyone’s disposal in case of an impromptu family vacation without having to worry much about seat availability.


Aircraft Acquisition


It’s an Image Builder

Simply put: if a sleek black sedan can boost overall panache, imagine what a private helicoptere or jet can do to build your business image. Bringing a private aircraft to business engagements, trade shows, or flying some investors to a meeting is a sure way to strike a good impression. And since overall image is another driving factor for success, it also helps in building your reputation as an austere, no-nonsense individual who doesn’t take time, effort, and productivity for granted.

In addition, owning a private aircraft will make you a part of an elite circle of jet & helicopter owners in a snap. This virtual badge widens their network from the group by meeting fellow aircraft owners.


Necessity of Privacy

Privacy nowadays is becoming a scarce commodity for executives, celebrities, sports personalities, and politicians. Oftentimes, these public figures request special entrance/exit from the airport and even resort to wearing obscure disguises just to evade the public eye when traveling in a commercial flight. Owning a private aircraft gives passengers the freedom to travel without drawing unwanted attention.


Earn From It

Since most private helicoptere or jet owners are business-oriented and tend to be resourceful, they can’t help but to make a business out of it. If they think they’re not utilizing the full potential of their winged asset, they take advantage of its capacity and flight hours by means of various arrangements to reduce aircraft operations expenses and/or actually earn from it instead. There are a number private aircraft management firms that offer fleet care & management services to help interested parties in learning the basics and intricacies of the business-side of aircraft ownership. These firms help them as well in securing necessary aviation permits and certifications to legally operate their aircraft for charter service.

Aircraft acquisition entails a difficult decision-making task, regardless of one’s financial capacity. When gathering your options, it is always recommendable to seek advice from aviation experts, as they have the upper hand in terms of knowledge about aircraft. Weigh in your preferences when choosing between a private helicoptere or jet by knowing the benefits of each aircraft.

Finally, choose the one that will cater to your lifestyle and needs.

In the end, it’s all about getting what you pay for. As long as the aircraft will serve its purpose of attending to the travel requirement and business aviation needs of an individual, rest assured all the hefty costs and extra splurges for the acquisition will be justified accordingly.

If you need further recommendations for your potential aircraft investment, our team of aviation consultants will always be of service in giving you insights and evaluations on what the ideal aircraft is for every unique travel requisite.