PhilJets would like to congratulate our beloved partner Jewelmer for its outstanding event on Tuesday, October 15 at NBC Tent, celebrating the gorgeous new Spring-Summer Collection 2014 that featured its latest pearl jewelry creations. Combining the finest Joaillerie (jewelry) craftsmanship from France with the purest Golden South Sea Pearls cultured and gathered from its highly-maintained pearl farm located in Palawan, Jewelmer grew for over 35 years to be the pioneer pearl farming company in the archipelago, and the most fashionable and exquisite jewel designer in the Philippines, taking pearl production in the country to a world’s national pride. Its creators, the Filipino entrepreneur Manuel Cojuangco and the famous French pearl farmer Jacques Christophe Branellec, brought their extensive science and experience, along with refined art and finesse from France to bring sophistication and elegance to the jewel industry of the Philippines.


Why we partner with Jewelmer?


1 – Commitment & Respect for the Environment


As you may know, Jewelmer, like PhilJets, care more about others than itself. The environment is a prior concern in Jewelmer’s operations and culture of its world-famous Golden South Sea pearls, and sustainability is directly inscribed in their Corporate Social Responsibility pledge, just like ours:


 The pearl farm is, by necessity and essence, eco-friendly, and the Palawan South Sea pearl remains the only gem that is formed and harvested in a non-extractive manner. No normal processes are interrupted, no disruptive outside variables introduced, and no other living things disturbed or endangered to create it. Each pearl harvested is the result of the harmony between man and nature at their very best. 


2 – Impeccable treatment of its workforce


Moreover, we share their love for Filipino workforce, and indeed, care for their employees is also a prime consideration of Jewelmer. Awarded in Singapore the prize of Brand of the Year 2013 for Employee Care and Human Ressources, Jewelmer is by far one of the most conscientious and respectful companies in the Jewelry industry when it comes to treatment of its staff members.


The Event – Spring / Summer Collection 2014 by Jewelmer

I included below a short gallery of the pictures taken in the event featuring the models wearing the 2014 collection. Rosone, Madame de Pompadour, C’est La Vie and of course the amazing Via Rosa, the 2014 edition of the French-Filipino jeweler are sumptuous. As they say it themselves, it celebrates the “accessory in all its states”.

Through the masks, the beauty of the woman is highlighted and magnified. Every communication begins with eye contact, and by putting a precious screen between the eye and the beholder, it transforms a simple look into a mysterious romance


Unfortunately for you, the breath-taking taste of the buffet served at the event isn’t really something we can share, though it still tickles our taste buds!