French Filipino aviation solutions provider PhilJets Group is promoting Philippine tourism by boosting its charter operations to provide access to the country’s many breathtaking destinations.

The Philippines has much to offer in sceneries, but these are hard to reach, so our objective is to bring access to these places,

Thierry Tea, managing director for Philjets Group, told reporters. PhilJets Aero Charter Corp. is focusing on tourism and leisure products to strengthen its chartering business.

Manila, Taal Volcano, Mount Pinatubo, Corregidor, Punta Fuego, the Rice Terraces of Banaue and the Cordillera Region, part of a UNESCO world heritage site, are some of the destinations the company proposes to foreign and local tourists alike.

PhilJets provides charter services, engineering and fleet management, aircraft sales and consultation, spare parts sales, and representation of foreign firms. With its charter services, it aims to provide visitors and customers access to hard to reach
Philippine destinations. The demand for chartering services comes from the tourism and leisure services, VIP transport, and aerial work for the mining, energy, materials industry, hotels, and construction sectors.

With this latest development, PhilJets Group is aiming to double its overall sales this year.

“Last year we focused on system and structure but this year it is communication and marketing,” PhilJets Group marketing manager Boris Chevreau said. Just two years after its establishment in 2013, the company’s overall sales across its business units have already hit P25 million to P30 million, according to Chevreau.

“The targets are much higher this year, the target is set at P50 million P60 million this year,” he said.

In 2014, PhilJets notched 150 to 200 flying hours as the company leaned toward strengthening their leisure and travel operations, which translated to fewer flying hours as opposed to aerial work for the mining and transport sectors.
On their helicopter sales and distribution, the company aims to sell five units this year, mostly to oil and gas companies, while for the chartering business they expect to clock in 300-500 flying hours through their services.

The aviation solutions firm is also planning to build more hangars in Cebu, Davao, and Clark to increase its capacity.
The company has three to five helicopters which are currently being managed and serviced for its chartering business and they plan to add eight to 10 more choppers this year. PhilJets also manages the aircraft of private individuals and currently services three units. It does consulting for the Airbus Group and represents aircraft maintenance, repair and support company Skyways Technics.

The group counts Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Lufthansa Technik, and Dornier Technology among its clients for its range of services. PhilJets Group is also a member of China-based Asian Business Aviation Association(ASBAA). The company is the second Filipino group, after Aviation Concept, to join the association.

PhilJets complements this membership with an involvement in several other businesses and aerospace associations within the Asean region.“We want to put the Philippines on the map of world aviation industry and we want to train and develop Filipino aviation professionals,” Tea said. “We are investing more on the people. This year we are working for a training center in order to increase and strengthen our team member skills and expertise because this is the most important. We partner with schools and we want to develop our own school as well,” Tea said.

“We are developing our own program focus on engineering, maintenance, safety, planning, and air traffic control —all of these are potential jobs,” he said.


MANILA, Philippines – March 27th, 2015

The MANILA TIMES, by Voltaire  Palaña

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