PhilJets is pleased to announce the newest addition to its fleet. As the company continues to grow in the aviation industry, PhilJets aims to expand its fleet to cater to the increasing demand for helitours and charter service in the Philippines. It has been a good year for PhilJets. In fact, it has gained recognition for its exceptional performance in meeting clients’ satisfaction. Consequently, PhilJets ensures its clients that the improvement is continuous.


PhilJets welcomes new aircraft for helitours and charter service

PhilJets welcomes new aircraft to its fleet in Manila


In line with the success that PhilJets has been achieving, the company is ending 2017 by welcoming a new aircraft. On December 14, the whole team, together with representatives from the aircraft manufacturer Airbus Helicopters, witnessed the arrival of the H145 in the PhilJets hangar in Manila.

PhilJets Group has been anticipating the arrival of the H145, the 10th aircraft of its fleet. Fortunately, the weather was fine hence the smooth landing. The aircraft was welcomed by a small crowd from both PhilJets and Airbus teams upon its landing. The teams gathered to express their excitement to see the marvel of the new aircraft in the flesh making a safe touchdown.

As PhilJets continues to fill in its fleet with quality helicoptere and private jets, the company will most definitely prosper further in the coming years. It has proven its standards of service that it renders to valuable clients. No doubt, PhilJets has gained the trust of its clients by giving them exceptional service, especially for charter service, and on well-maintained aircraft.

PhilJets is thankful for having a great deal with Airbus Helicopters. The company is looking forward to launching the new aircraft soon. Hopefully, the H145 will be available for helitours and charter service by early 2018. The company will also be launching new projects in the coming year. As PhilJets approaches its 5th anniversary, there are a lot to expect from the company.


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