Two couples from the gorgeous MS Deutschland Cruise ship just landed back from our Mount Pinatubo tour this afternoon. Clear blue sky, big white smiles and stars in our clients’ eyes, that’s what we strive for!

A few days ago, our friend Ralph W., the adorable Concierge from the Luxury Cruise Ship Ms Deutschland, contacted me to ask for our help in entertaining some of their most delicate travelers. Challenge accepted!



Discover Tour


From the Lady’s deck to the Gentleman’s skid!


The Lady (Yes, that’s how you address to a ship when you’re a gentleman!) would spend a couple of days in Manila, and some of her passengers would soon be curious about exploring more than just the usual city tour and local markets….

What to do in the city that never sleeps? Well have a good rest, and see something you’ve NEVER seen before!

As you may know, the crew in Ms Deutschland dedicates every single second to bring his clients THE best experience possible during their cruise, just like us during our tours. Every relationship always happening naturally, we soon decided to partner with Ms Deutschland Cruises to take them to heaven, and make them discover Philippines’ sky, the other way!




1 hour and 30 minutes of pure emotions…

That’s what you need to stumble on the angry beast responsible for one of the largest pyroclastic eruptions of the 20th century: the Mount Pinatubo.

Its crater and the emerald green lake that took place in it. It’s lava flaws which look carved into grey marble, almost made of silk. And the strange atmosphere that reigns around its eye, as if you could still feel the heat and tragedy from the day it burst out while experiencing one of the most stunning sightseeing spots in the Philippines in the air as if you were God himself.


Mt Pinatubo and Corregidor 

Lose yourself to Glance!

Experience? That is far too weak of a word to describe what you feel when you reach the crater on board of one of our helicopters. Frankly, I’ve been there once, and it still sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it…

Why goosebumps? Is it because it is scary or dangerous? Of course not!

Safety is paramount at PhilJets, and we will never choose anything over the health and security of our clients. Even over pure fun. Rest assured, we only employ the best pilots in the Philippines, and ride the best-maintained helicopters… Our service is state-of-the-art, as much are our team and aircrafts!

So why then?

It gives you chills because it is fun, magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful !