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PhilJets comes back after a week of rest (sorry about that) to offer you the latest corporate giveaways of February: The official FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Chapters 5 to 8: Flight Controls, Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, and Flight Manuals.

In this edition, lots of important things. Flight Manuals are a very crucial part of the documentation an owner can (and will request) his pilot to maintain up to date. Instruments are the very first tools a Helicopter pilot or Plane Captain would use. And Systems and Controls are, well, like the back bone and nerves of an aircraft.

Discover this special Pilot’s Dictionary now!


For those who never heard of our give aways, we remind you the concept: every week, a free chapter of the eBook, already called the “pilot’s Bible” by many of our crew-members, the FAA’s Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.


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This eBook is perfect for any student pilot, or aircraft mechanics and flight crew interested in the field who want to learn more about the job of the people who share their passion.


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PHAK – Chapter 05 : Flight Controls

PHAK – Chapter 06 : Aircraft Systems

PHAK – Chapter 07 : Flight Instruments

PHAK – Chapter 08 : Flight Manuals and Other Documents



For those who missed our latest posts, here are the previous chapters:

PHAK – Appendix 1 : Runway Incursion Avoidance

PHAK – Chapter 01 : Introduction to Flying

PHAK – Chapter 02 : Aircraft Structure

PHAK – Chapter 03 : Principles of Flight

PHAK – Chapter 04 : Aerodynamics of Flight

PHAK – Appendix-Glossary-Index : The Pilot’s Dictionary !!!


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