Our Services

Aerial Work

When it comes to aerial operations, PhilJets provides a built up, in-depth experience even during extreme conditions. Our resilience has proven itself, whether it is efficiently sling loading during a mountain rescue shelter or specifically getting the angles for television and film, construction companies or telcos. Furthermore, in addition to performing pipeline and power-line inspections, we can offer airborne geophysical, electromagnetic surveys with our Red Eye and Laser Scanning systems.

PhilJets Services

  • Sling load Operations
  • Fire Fighting
  • Powerline Inspection
  • News gathering
  • Rescue and Hoisting
  • Law Enforcement Tasks
  • Passenger or Corporate Transport


The PhilJets experience: more than just a flight

Relatively new to the Philippines but already very popular in Hawaii, Tahiti, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and other exciting destinations, PhilJets provides the most amazing helicopter tours that will make your holiday a unique and memorable experience. You can choose a breathtaking tour over the panoramic skylines of Metro Manila and Manila Bay, Taal Lake in Tagaytay, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills or Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Mayon.

From as low as 95 USD per person, the most amazing yet comfortable flying experience in the Philippines can be yours.

PhilJets Heli-Tours

  • Discovery Tours
  • Engagement Proposals
  • Scenic Sunrise or Sunset Views
  • Helicopter Baptism
  • VIP/Corporate Charter Flights

VIP/Corporate Charter Flights

PhilJets provides the Philippines’ most comfortable and reliable helicopter tours VIP/Corporate Services. Our lounge at the Manila Domestic Airport is conveniently located and our network of helipads enables us to transport you wherever you need to go. Our clients can expect courteous professionalism, efficiency, and dedication from our team so they can focus on their business. PhilJets operates in Manila, Cebu, Davao, General Santos, or anywhere else in the Philippines.

Oil & Gas Offshore

PhilJets, through AAOP, has 34 years of experience in Oil & Gas missions by providing helicopter transportation to the offshore oil and gas industry, search-and-rescue (SAR) services, aircraft support services including helicopter maintenance, modification or repair, and helicopter pilot training.

We are also an industry leader in helicopter transport of personnel to offshore production platforms and drilling rigs. Due to our long history of safe flights, our civilian supplier capability of search and rescue services is beyond par.

Through our pursuit of upgrading and renewing our helicopter fleet with the latest technologies, PhilJets’ clientele can continue to expect the utmost safety and reliability in our aircraft, which is especially important when oil and gas companies develop in remote locations and deeper waters.

This significant safety and technological features make PhilJets a leader in Asia’s helicopter transportation industry and the premier choice for helicopter and jet charter.

Fleet Management

PhilJets’ easy and reliable Aircraft Management program caters to both corporations and individuals who wish to own a helicopter cost-effectively while avoiding the considerable operational and regulatory complexities and expense of managing a helicopter in-house. We will become your turn-key flight department as we provide flight operations, flight crew, aircraft maintenance, regulatory compliance, aviation accounting, insurance coordination and administration as well as pre-delivery assistance. Our team comprised of crew and engineers are respectively seasoned in flying and maintaining helicopters.

As your trusted aviation advisers and partners, we will always have discretion, respect your privacy and remain extremely solid professionals.

PhilJets can assist a purchaser initially in connection with matters leading to, and associated with, aircraft registration, certification, pre-buy inspection and delivery. In order to ensure a positive aircraft ownership experience, it is critical for an owner to appoint an operator who fully understands this highly regulated industry and attend to it with the most meticulous attention to detail.

With the experience of owning our own fleet of aircraft from various manufacturers over the years, we apply the same continuous cost-conscious discipline to managing your aircraft as we do ours.