Mount Pinatubo

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Mount Pinatubo

1. Ever wonder what is beyond the mountains?

Fly to Mt. Pinatubo, the most famous active strato-volcano in Asia. In this helicopter tour, you will discover its emerald green inner lake. Let yourself be amazed by its new shape since its eruption in 1991 and its blue waters. mount-pinatubo-helicopter-tour-crater-lakeLocated 87 km northwest of Manila in the Cabusilan Mountains, its eruptive history has never been forgotten.
The Volcanic Eruption
Pyroclastic_flows_at_Mayon_VolcanoOn June 15, 1991, Mt. Pinatubo erupted violently after more than four centuries of slumber. Five billion cubic meters of ash and pyroclastic debris covered the nearby areas, some even reaching as far as Metro Manila. It was known to be the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century. On the same day, Typhoon Yunya struck, which brought about a lethal mix of ash and rain. Mudflows caused extensive destruction of surrounding infrastructures and altered the river systems. Though thousands of other people were still evacuated in time, magma and gas flow caused illnesses to spread. More than 800 lives were taken, about 200 people were injured, and more than one million were displaced.
Malabon Coastal Shipyards

2. Be treated like a king!

Check out below to discover more about this fantastic helicopter tour package! From the PhilJets hangar in the Manila Domestic airport, you will start the trip flying over Manila Bay, which is one of the best natural harbors in Southeast Asia. You will have an amazing view of the Manila skyline on one side, and the famous shipyards on the other.

Mt Pinatubo Helicopter Tour by PhilJets

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