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 Rescue your beloved ones !!!




We provide Helicopters and Planes in the Philippines after the tragic event and alarming situation following Typhoon Yolenda and Typhoon Haiyan for Assessment, Relief, Evacuation, Transportation of supplies and other Humanitarian Missions to Tacloban, Leyte, Roxas, Busuanga, and all the other regions touched by the cyclone right now!

To all our friends, family members and people stranded or in danger because of the latest Typhoon Hayan who stroke the Visayas these last few days, all our thoughts go to you. We are deeply concerned about your health and safety and will make everything possible to help you!

A large number of helicopters have been deployed to that area within the last 48 hours. If you have a need for charter to and from Tacloban, we will try to provide with the best solution to suit your expectations to assist you there.


Please contact us by ANY of the following ways :

  • Send us an email at emergency@philjets.com
  • Call our emergency number on  02 851 06 39 
  • Fill in the form below


We have already been helping Disaster sites helping associations, and it is our duty as Filipino-foreign owned company to help those in needs in those times. Following are missions we’ve been involved within the last 48 hours:


1. Sending crew from Al Jazeera Philippines to Tacloban for better reporting and spreading out to the world that the Philippines needs help fund this Natural Disaster.

2. Getting 2nd crew of Al Jazeera safely back to Manila (edit: mission completed with success!)

3. Taking officials and operating managers of Geothermal Plants for faster settlement of brownout and electricity disconnection in Palawan

4. Sending workers from PLDT company in Busuanga to ensure faster reparation of communications in the area

5. 10 hours of flight in partnership with the Red Cross Association and Eurocopter Philippines to be used for relief and food/supplies/water transportation


Here are the cases in which you should contact us as soon as possible


1. You or someone close to you are in an endangered situation in any location in the Philippines


2. You want to send funds to help relief and rescue missions here in the Philippines


3. You are looking for transport for Humanitarian Missions to Tacloban, Leyte, Palawan, Iloilo…


4. You need an aircraft for Assessment of disaster area or Aerial News Reporting


Please fill in the form below, being as accurate as possible about your needs.


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    Additional Information

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    Boris Chevreau is the Marketing and Social Media Manager of PhilJets. He also participates in Business Development for the company, particularly in its Charter and Tourism activities, such as Helicopter Tours, Executive & Private Jet Charter, and Sightseeing packages.
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