Timesharing Program by PhilJets Aero Corp.

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Loyalty Program: the Timesharing Options

We offer an unique Loyalty Program and various Membership Rewards for our most valuable customers. Frequent charter travellers can pre-purchase a block of flight hours at discounted rates, which are applied to pre-specified aircraft. You decide yourself for your timeframe, billing options and frequency of flight, and we handle the rest. (Following prices are for information purposes on our Brand New EC130 T2)

10 Hours

PHP 78,000/Hour
  • 10 Hours
  • 78.000 Php/Hr
  • 2000 Php/ Hr discount * 10Hrs
  • 2 free Take-Off/Landing
  •  One-Call Booking System
  • ==> 26.000 Php in Savings !

20 Hours

  • 20 Hours
  • 73.000 Php/Hr
  • 7.000 Php/Hr Discount * 20Hrs
  • 6 Free Take-Off/Landing
  • First 2 Hr Waiting Time waived per flight
  •  One-Call Booking System
  •  ==> 155.000 Php+ in Savings !

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We work with the largest network in the Philippines and a substantial web of other international charter operators and aircraft brokers. The possibility will hence always be offered to our loyal customers to pick from a large fleet of aircrafts and rotorcrafts, upon availability and schedule impediments.