The Tours

PhilJets is the first company in the country to develop tourism and scenic flights around Luzon and the Philippines using helicopters. Following its wish to demonstrate the Philippines is blessed with gorgeous landscapes, and amazing sightseeing to discover, PhilJets was from the very start dedicated to promote the country itself, and strived to show the rest of the world the natural wonders of the archipelago, by making tourists experience it from above and contribute to developing the Tourism industry.


As each individual at PhilJets often like to say, “with PhilJets, the Sky is Yours.”


Taal Volcano, Mount Pinatubo, Corregidor, the Rice Terraces of Banaue and the Cordillera region, part of UNESCO world heritage site, are some of the destinations the company proposes to foreign and local tourists alike. Those tours put the emphasis on the experience, as it is “how we want people to remember the country: give them something unforgettable; give them a feeling of uniqueness and pure beauty… In other words, make people Feel Different.”, says its Sales & Customer Service Manager, Cheng Fulgencio.

PhilJets’ team members love the Philippines as much as they love its people. The team is built from a blend of foreign and Filipino talents, focused on customer satisfaction and high international standard.

Those new products are an opportunity to celebrate the country itself since a large number of the services of the company would not be possible without such a fantastic setting, and such fantastic people.

PhilJets also aims at enabling access to hard to reach areas of the Philippines to both tourists and investors.


Aerial Work

Aerial Work and business aviation services proposed by PhilJets are tailored to the companies that use it, and help develop the country in various ways.

PhilJets provides Aerial Work services to companies requiring professional charter services around the Philippines. PhilJets core business, aside from aircraft management, is the supply of safe operations for manufacturing, mining and construction companies here in the Philippines.

One of the main examples is Geo-seismic surveys. The Philippines being rich in natural resources including gases and minerals, the need has grown over the years to use helicopters to accurately map areas. This helps clients discover potential exploitation sites and precisely plan for future use of terrain hardly accessible by men.


The second main application for helicopter work is on construction sites and plants. This includes:

Ocular flights to oversee operations above the on-going constructions of large resorts and power plants.
Transport of cargo: heavy materials or fast delivery of decisive construction elements of a structure.
Transport of passengers to remote areas (engineers, decision-makers, investors…).


PhilJets helicopters are critical to numerous projects, and bring people and goods on time, in places impossible to reach otherwise in a safe and timely manner.


Aerial Filming & Photography

PhilJets has successfully catered to the American TV Production Survivor USA, during the filming of their Season 27 and 28 in Palaui, Cagayan. Other customers included French Environmental Documentary Producer and Photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand, who filmed part of the movie HUMAN in the Yolanda-impacted Tacloban area.


The SkyCard

PhilJets also introduces today its latest product, the very first and only “pre-paid flight hours” card in the Philippines, The SkyCard.

After listening to feedbacks of Executives and Business owners who struggle with their flight requirements, it appeared to the company they needed a true customer-oriented service in the Philippines for chartered flights that go beyond the case-to-case requests.

The market nowadays is in search of a product that would cater to clients with the highest standards and the most specific needs, while being flexible and affordable. There is a real necessity for a system that would enable customers to book private flights quickly with a streamlined process, as easy as a single call. PhilJets’ SkyCard offers the true convenience of chartering an aircraft, without the hassle of multiple quotes and ever-changing prices. Finally, the card is a service that gives members what they truly deserve: it makes them Feel Safe, Feel Free and Feel Different.

From facilitated booking procedures to exclusive conditions of sale, PhilJets thus present to the Philippines its SkyCard, the first Aviation Membership Card in the Philippines. The card features among its fleet, 2 units of the most practical single-engine helicopter on the market, the Airbus Helicopter H130, with additional onboard features such as an iPad Air connected to a GoPro® Camera, Bose® Noise-cancellation headsets, a portable Wi-Fi device, and great cabin space, for up to 6 passengers.
The company also operates 1 AS 350B2, the versatile 5 passengers helicopter, which is the worldwide bestseller aircraft of Airbus Helicopters.


PhilJets Group: a wide range of services

PhilJets’ objective is to put the Philippines on the world map of Aerospace and Aviation Industries. The company is a member of the Asian Business Aviation Association and has developed strong network worldwide.
PhilJets, in addition to Charter Services, provides a large range of Aviation services, catering to each sector of the Aerospace, Business Aviation and Commercial Aviation industries.


• Charter Services

Using both Helicopters and Jets, the Group delivers Corporate and VIP Transport, Aerial Work, cargo transport, Filming and Medical Emergency Evacuation.


• Aircraft Management

PhilJets manages aircraft, providing a one-stop shop solution for companies, which does not have the time or resource to handle the maintenance, operations or documentation.


• Engineering & Maintenance

PhilJets offers Light Maintenance and advisory services for Maintenance Repair & Overhaul services, as well as Operations for private owners and companies who own aircrafts in the Philippines.


• Distribution & Sales

PhilJets provides Aircrafts Sales services for both brand new and pre-owned aircrafts, as well as after-sales support in the form of spare parts procurement, consumables, and tooling equipment.


• Training Center

A recent addition to its services, PhilJets offers aviation and aircraft familiarization programs.


• Representation

PhilJets supports foreign companies to market their products and services the right way in the Philippines, and represents major international groups in the country (Airbus Group, AJW Aviation, Starline Global Industries, among others).


Incorporated in January 2013 by Filipino and French/Cambodian individuals, PhilJets Aero Services Inc, is now one of the leading companies in the Aviation industry in the Philippines providing global aviation services in the archipelago and throughout the ASEAN Region.

PhilJets is born with the cooperation and teamwork of several experienced aviation professionals, Matea Delen, Atty Ming Asuncion, Mia Malanyaon, who all contributed to the success of the firm under the leadership of Thierry Tea, former CEO of Airbus Helicopters Philippines (formerly Eurocopter Philippines) and Head of Airbus Group in the Philippines (formerly EADS).

Its clients, which become partners of the company, they include General Aviation firms, Commercial Airlines (Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific), MRO companies (Lufthansa Technik, SIAEP, Dornier Technology), Multinational Companies, Government Agencies and private individuals.



Pictures by Jam Marquez Photography.



For further information, please contact:

Geoffroy Cahen, Sales Manager, PhilJets Aero Services, Inc.
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Boris Chevreau, Marketing Manager, PhilJets Aero Services, Inc.
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PhilJets Group includes PhilJets Aero Services Inc and PhilJets Aero Charter Corp, leaders in the Philippine Aviation industry providing Global Services in the Philippines and within the ASEAN Region. Its range of activities include General Aviation Services, Aircraft Management, Aircrafts Sales, Spare Parts Sales, Maintenance Services, Technical Support, Manpower & Outsourcing, Representation, Charter Flights, Helicopter Tours, and Aerial Work.
PhilJets’ customers include General Aviation firms, Commercial Airlines, MRO companies, Government Agencies, tourists and private individuals.