The start of February officially ushers in the Valentines season, a time for people to make their love known to their significant other, girlfriend or boyfriend or even those they are still trying to court. But no matter what your relationship status is with the one you’re trying to impress, there is one general rule for Valentine’s Day dates – go big or go home.

In order to come up with a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day date, people from all over the world have conceptualized different Valentine’s Day date ideas. Some go mountain hiking, go on road trips, go horseback riding and some even recreate their first dates for nostalgia points.1

Given that a lot of different gimmicks for Valentine’s Day have already been done before, how do you make sure that your idea of Valentine’s Day date can stand out and be memorable? For starters, you need to think outside the box and view things from a different perspective. And while we are on the subject of perspectives, here is a unique one: a perspective from the skies while aboard a helicopter.

While the idea may seem impossible at first, given that very few individuals actually own a helicopter, a Valentine’s helicopter charter date is now within reach thanks to the services of a trusted aerospace company in Philjets.


Spend Valentine's day with a helicopter charter tour


 Make your dream Valentine’s Day date come true with PhilJets

By booking a Valentine’s Day helicopter tour with PhilJets, you’ll be making sure that your date will be one for the books. Imagine this: you’ll be arriving at your destination from the skies, a sure way to make your date go “Wow”. The landing point will be at the helipad of Antonio’s Restaurant in Tagaytay, where you and your date will be treated to a very romantic view complimented by a sumptuous fine dining experience.

The helicopter charter ride is not the only component of the tour that is outstanding. The fine dining experience is highlighted by a high-quality menu and top-class food presentation made by a gourmet chef. Tuxedo-wearing waiters will also be there to attend to client’s needs.2

The experience will be better-rounded if departing from Manila because the tour will include an opportunity to sight-see the nation’s capital from the sky, a point of view that only a select few ever get to experience. You will also pass by the famous Taal Volcano, over crater lake, enjoying a stunning view of Tagaytay whereabouts. This helicopter tour will leave not only your heart and tummy satisfied, but your eyes too!


Philjets' wedding proposal helicopter charter tour


 Secure the “Big Yes” with a Helicopter Charter Wedding Proposal

A wedding proposal is an event where everything has to go perfectly because there is just too much at stake; one mishap can turn a potential marriage to a crushing heartbreak. We’ve seen movies showing a proposal that utilizes a limousine for the wow factor. While this is a classic romantic move, it might have some drawbacks in countries like the Philippines where heavy traffic can cause unwanted delays.

PhilJets offers a wedding proposal helicopter charter tour that will sure up the ante when it comes to wedding proposals. Booking a heli tour for a proposal guarantees that you will arrive in style and on time. PhilJets will make sure that you can customize the schedule of your flight according to your preferences so you can focus on the thing that matters – preparing to pop the question.

Booking a helicoptere tour for a proposal guarantees that you will arrive in style and on time. PhilJets will make sure that you can customize the schedule of your flight according to your preferences so you can focus on the thing that matters – preparing to pop the question.

And speaking of popping the question, it helps greatly if you ease it in little by little. During the helicopter tour, the couple will also be treated to a majestic view of the Taal Volcano while enjoying a bottle of champagne. The ambiance is romantic, the setting is classy, and so it’s sure to tip the scales in your favour for the moment of truth later that day.

Finally, the helicopter will land at Antonio’s and the couple will feel extra special as they will be warmly welcomed and treated to an excellent meal in the restaurant.3 With all the romantic gestures leading to this moment, all that is left to do is pop the big question and you’ll hear your beloved say a resounding “Yes”.


Helicopter Wedding


 Helicopter Weddings

After hearing the “Yes” you’ve been waiting for, wedding plans will loom on the horizon. PhilJets also offers to set up a helicopter wedding, an event that is sure to make waves among those who witness it.

Prior to landing in the wedding venue, the couple can choose to go on a sky tour over places where they had their sweet memories together like where they met, where they had their first date and where the proposal took place. This sky tour is the perfect opportunity for the couple to reminisce the good old times before they get married.4

The bride and groom will be arriving via helicopter, giving the photographer a chance to take aerial shots. PhilJets will also make sure that the photographer will be in position to capture the grand arrival of the bride and groom in photos that will surely be the envy of their future sons and daughters or even their future grandchildren.

To finish the marriage on a bright note, the couple will also be departing via helicopter, marking their first flight as a married couple. This experience will guarantee that the newly-weds will start their lives together in a high note – pun intended.

All things considered, a helicopter charter tour is an option you can’t go wrong with if your intention is to set up a Valentine’s Day date to remember. Be it your girlfriend or boyfriend, your fiancée or your significant other, their reaction will be the same; they’ll be thanking you for taking your special day to new heights, both literally and figuratively.



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