It is full steam ahead for PhilJets’ expansion plans of private charter flights for heli this year as they welcomed to the company fleet their 7th H130 helicopter just last month.

After becoming the largest operator of Airbus Helicopters in the country, Philjets is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to aircraft acquisitions as the company aims to solidify its position as one of the leading players in the Philippine aviation industry. The newest addition to the fleet is the H130, a single-engine helicoptere known around the world as a reliable option for sightseeing activities, private charter flights for heli function, and corporate shuttle services. 1

The H130, formerly known as EC 130, has a passenger capacity of 6-7 persons excluding the pilot. The combination of comfort, convenience and efficient performance that this aircraft offer makes it very conducive for corporate shuttle services. The clients will be assured of a VIP treatment in a cabin that is roomy and comfortable. Additionally, the passengers will sit in forward-facing theatre-style seats with a spectacular view while they are being transported to their destination with a fast cruise speed that reaches up to 128 knots. 2


The H130, the perfect helicopter of private charter flights for heli


The H130 also carves a niche for itself as a quiet aircraft. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus Helicopters touts the H130 as the quietest engine in the market, primarily due to its Fenestron® tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control which gives the aircraft a significantly reduced external sound level.3 Due to its quiet operation, the H130 is the aircraft of choice for touristic helicopter tour sightseeing activities. The H130 is a perfect fit for PhilJets’ private charter flights for heli over scenic places in the country like Taal Volcano, Mount Pinatubo, Banaue Rice Terraces and Hundred Islands, among others. The clients can enjoy the view without worrying about loud sounds from the helicopter.

In addition to its elegant features, the H130 is also an environment-friendly aircraft. In line with the commitment of Airbus Helicopters to conduct business in an environment-friendly manner, the H130 is equipped with a Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine which provides an increased power output at lower specific fuel consumption. As a testament to the environment-friendliness of the H130, the largest helicopter tour provider in Hawaii, the Blue Hawaiian calls its fleet of H130’s the “ECO-Stars”.1


Emergency Medical Services or helicopter rescue


The versatility of the H130 allows it to take on multiple roles as a charter aircraft. Aside from sightseeing activities and VIP transport, the H130 can also be used in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or helicopter rescue. The spacious cabin of the H130 is a perfect fit to the rigorous demands of emergency treatment because it can easily accommodate one patient and up to three medical staff. Life-saving treatments like cardio-pulmonary resuscitations can easily be administered in the H130 because the medics have full-access to the patients’ whole body, most especially the head.3

In the Philippine context, the H130 can also be used for filming work. PhilJets has had extensive experience in catering to aerial photography or filming needs of its clients using light single-engine helicopters like the H130. The maneuverability of the H130 makes it able to respond to precise turns and angles required by the film crew.

Because aerial filming is a highly-specialized endeavor, it is necessary to find an aircraft provider that not only will provide the perfect helicopter but also high-end equipment and seasoned pilots with experience in handling aerial filming work.


Yann Arthus Bertrand


Fortunately for those with aerial filming needs in the Philippines, PhilJets is a willing and able partner for these kinds of operations. Among the distinguished aerial filming clients that PhilJets has had is the famous reality TV show Survivor US when they had an edition of the show in the island of Caramoan. Esteemed French environmentalist, photographer, and filmmaker Yann Arthus Bertrand also worked with PhilJets when they filmed in Tacloban during the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) for his film Human – The Movie.4

Because of the versatility of the H130, it has proven to be an indispensable aircraft for private charter flights for heli. As a matter of fact, PhilJets took advantage of the trade opportunities presented by this year’s Singapore Airshow to order another brand new H130. Upon the arrival of this ordered aircraft, the total number of H130’s in the PhilJets fleet will climb up to eight.5

As PhilJets celebrates its fifth anniversary since it was founded, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Thierry Tea revealed that the company plans to reach a total of 22 aircraft in their fleet within the span of two to three years and to extend PhilJets presence not only locally but also regionally.5

The 7th H130 of PhilJets is expected to be entered into the charter operations soon. With the 8th H130 looming on the horizon, it is safe to assume that the versatile and efficient H130 rotorcraft will be an integral part of the PhilJets fleet in the years to come. The private charter flights for heli services of Philjets such as tourism, VIP transport, EMS, and aerial filming services of PhilJets will remain in top form thanks to the addition of the H130.



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