For PhilJets, 2017 was a year marked by bustling growth – propelling the company from being a daring up-and-comer to a trusted name in the aviation industry, notably for charter service.

The entry of a new year is often regarded as a mark of a fresh start. But it is also an opportunity to look back at the accomplishments and milestones that were reached in the year that just ended. Marking its fourth year since it was founded in 2013, PhilJets made a number of noteworthy moves in 2017 in order to solidify their bid to become the leading aerospace company and charter service in the Philippines, including hiring highly-qualified staff members, launching new services and acquiring new units to join their fast-expanding fleet of charter service.


Cessna Citation XLS by Philjets - charter service


PhilJets started 2017 on a very bright note – taking control of a Cessna Citation XLS+ in January. The said jet acquisition not only reinforced the PhilJets fleet, it also heralded the company’s entry to the business jet segment of the aviation industry.

Another business jet, in the form of a Bombardier Challenger 350, was added to the fleet the following month. Being the best-selling business jet platform of the last decade1, the Challenger 350 aircraft has a proven reputation for excellence worldwide.

Given that PhilJets operates both business jets and helikopter, the company also made sure that their helicopter fleet was reinforced. In May of last year, a Bell 407 GX was added to PhilJets’ aircraft line-up. The Bell 407 GX is a versatile multi-role aircraft that can be used for medical emergency transport, touristic sightseeing, charter service, aerial photography and corporate transport, among others.2

As the saying goes, it is not how you start, it is how you finish. But why not have a good start and a good finish if you can have them both? Towards the end of the year 2017, PhilJets stepped on the gas pedal when it comes to aircraft acquisitions and management. In November, another Cessna Citation XLS+ joined the fray, pairing up with the Citation XLS+ that was added earlier in the year. The Cessna Citation XLS+ is known for its comfort and efficiency because it is a midsized jet built with features usually found only in large, commercial aircrafts. 3

Another welcome addition to the PhilJets helicopter fleet came in December 2017.  The company took an Airbus H145 helicoptere under management, ending the year with a bang. The Airbus’ H145 is a highly advanced aircraft; being the latest member of Airbus’4-tonne-class twin-engine rotorcraft, it is especially suited for law enforcement and helicopter rescue or emergency medical transport operations. 4


Employee hiring

The growth that PhilJets registered in the past year was not limited to fleet increase. In order to respond to the company’s growth, the workforce was also augmented with highly-qualified personnel. A total of five new pilots became a part of the PhilJets family, while 16 new staff members were hired to showcase their expertise in different departments in the company. The new hires bumped up PhilJets’ total employees to 60, all of which are driven and passionate individuals that will lead the company to greater heights in the coming years.


Philjets Thierry Tea Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Miss Great Britain Anna Burdzy


Growing exposure in the charter service industry

PhilJets’ involvement in several noteworthy events of 2017 has also contributed greatly to the attempt of the company to be a household name in the aviation industry for the years to come. Fresh from her coronation as the 2017 Miss Universe, South African beauty queen Demi Leigh Nel-Peters chose Batanes as one of her first destinations as Miss Universe.  And Nel-Peters went to her destination in the way most fitting for a queen –aboard a PhilJets aircraft5. The 2017 Miss Universe had the opportunity to see Batanes from the skies, accompanied by fellow beauty queen, Anna Burdzy of Great Britain. The ladies even met the Chief Executive Officer of PhilJets, Thierry Tea, prior to their departure to Batanes.

PhilJets also took part in the conduct of several other high-profile events towards the end of the year like the Philippine Tatler Ball, the Preview Ball and most notably, the 2017 ASEAN Summit, for which the Philippines played host.


growing exposure of charter service - Philjets


By the Numbers

Considering that numbers are pretty straightforward, there is no better way to illustrate the growth that PhilJets registered in 2017 than by going by the numbers. For the third straight year, the company has posted more than 100% growth in revenue, easily surpassing their initial target of 160 million pesos in sales by posting a total of about 200 million pesos in 2017.

The total value of assets under management by PhilJets increased by almost four-fold in 2017 compared to the year prior, reaching the total of more than 3.8 billion pesos, the equivalent of about 77 million US dollars.

The best testament to the success that PhilJets had in 2017 is the recognition given by the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) in December. PhilJets was named outstanding company in the Transportation and Logistics category. The award was received by PhilJets CEO and Chairman, Thierry Tea on behalf of the company.


PhilJets growth in 2017 for Charter Service


Outlook for 2018

Looking to build from the gains made in 2017, PhilJets looks forward to an even more fruitful year this 2018. Spurred on by the same drive that made last year successful, the company is looking into opening bases of operations in strategic locations in the country like Palawan, Cebu, and Davao. Acquisition of additional aircrafts like heli and jets also looms on the horizon as the company aims to solidify its presence in different segments of the aviation industry. Expansion into the Education, Logistics, and Tourism sectors are also high on the agenda list of PhilJets for 2018.



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