2018 has entered and hopefully, it’s been wonderful for everyone. Why don’t you treat yourself to a nice kick-off chopper ride? Give yourself a break before you venture to what this year has to offer. Do not be too hard on yourself! Travel and find that peace of mind! Where else other than Banaue?


Experience Banaue in a chopper ride

See the Banaue Rice Terraces from up above!


Banaue is a municipality in Ifugao known for having the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ifugao Rice Terraces. It is located in the mountainous Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). Its nature is breathtakingly beautiful and perfect for soul-searching. What’s better than waking up next to the amazing rice terraces without the pressure of work in the city?

At this point in time in January, many tourists still visit Banaue, mostly after Baguio, to experience the cold weather in the mountainous region in the north. How would you even go to Banaue from Manila? There are various ways to visit Banaue and the best way to reach it depends on what kind of adventure you’d like to take. Let’s see which of these is the most appropriate for you.


reach Banaue by car, bus, flight, or a private chopper ride

You may reach Banaue by car, bus, flight, or a private chopper ride!


  1. Bring your own car – You may take your car and have a road trip! Banaue is 10 to 12 hours away from Metro Manila if you drive all the way, depending on the time of your departure. Bring anyone who’s up for the same adventure.
  2. Take the bus – This may take longer than bringing your own car but the best thing is being able to rest during the travel time. It may also be the best time to turn strangers into friends. There are direct bus trips from Manila to Banaue and it’s better to leave at night.
  3. Take a flight – You may opt for a commercial flight to a neighboring province and take public transportation from there to Banaue. This will save you time compared to when you travel merely by land especially if you’re not coming from Manila.
  4. Take a chopper ride – It’s possible to visit Banaue via chopper ride. You may find it ridiculous but this will be the biggest adventure you’ll have this year. See Banaue from above and you’ll literally feel like you’re on top of the world. Take the best photos and turn into a photoblogger in an instant. It was said that it only takes one happy thought for you to be able to fly. We know that’s not true unless you take a helicopters rides while thinking of those happy thoughts. There are air charter companies in the Philippines, such as PhilJets, that will take you to Banaue at your most convenient time.


PhilJets Banaue Rice Terraces chopper ride

Fly with PhilJets and visit Banaue now!


Whatever kind of adventure you prefer, what’s important is for you to enjoy yourself. Nothing feels better than having a smile on your face all the time, whether you’re with your loved ones or even alone. Be happy not because you should be. Be happy because you know you deserve it.

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